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Whether it be fanfiction, original stories, drabbles, songs, poems, books, or anything that has to do with creative words, then reblog. Let’s gather all the writers of Tumblr together.

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I’m looking for people who review a lot of children & YA fiction (especially fantasy, but other stuff is okay too !). Bonus points for authors like Neil Gaiman, Diana Wynne Jones and Philip Pullman which I already love. I want to discover other authors though, so don’t be afraid to reblog or message me your BookLikes username if your blog fits the bill !

Also, hypothetical francophone reviewers out there - I’m looking at you too.

Come all say hi if you want to :) My BookLikes username is Changelin. I’m not doing anything interesting yet, mostly shelving books I’ve read, but I’m working on reviews more thoughtful than the ones I occasionally give here and I should post my first one in the near future :)

Je recherche des gens qui notent et commentent beaucoup de fictions pour jeune public (surtout de la fantasy, mais le reste m’intéresse aussi !). Points bonus si vous avez quelque chose sur des auteurs comme Neil Gaiman, Diana Wynne Jones et Philip Pullman que j’aime déjà. Mais je veux aussi découvrir d’autres auteurs, donc n’hésitez surtout pas à reblogger ou me laissez votre pseudo BookLikes si votre blog correspond à ce que je recherche !

Passez tous dire coucou sur mon blog si vous le souhaitez :) Mon pseudo sur GoodLikes est Changelin. Je ne fais encore rien d’intéressant, pour l’instant j’ajoute simplement des livres à ma liste de lectures, mais je prépare des commentaires plus sérieux que ceux que j’ai donné ici sur tumblr jusqu’à maintenant, et je devrais poster mon premier dans pas trop longtemps :)

When teachers want me to speak…it’s like they’re insisting at a waterbender that she breathes fire. 

Not gonna work, guys. 

But then they nag and I get my facts confused and turn into a distressed dragon instead. CHAOS AND AGONY.

As fantasy writers, some of us keep repeating to our characters to believe in it.

It’s an important rule that we must believe in the magic we give them as well. It’s the only way it’ll work. 

My favorite female character is Lyra Silvertongue. Well, I guess there’s Sophie Hatter too, but Lyra is something else entirely, and a good example of one of my favorite things :

I like my characters best both nice and nasty, neither good nor bad.

Or, you could say, a little bit of both.

For whatever reason, these morally neutral characters have a moral-compass (*snorts at awful inside-joke*) that seems to work far better than that of characters who don’t stray from the law, but still turn out to be nasty little sh*** I wouldn’t ever want as friends.

Because, apparently, my favorites are selfish, and so are the morally good ones, but some are in order to have fun or to save the day, and then there are those I loathe who do something specifically knowing beforehand it’s going to hurt someone else, and who don’t struggle with the knowledge because they know they’re going to be forgiven in the end.

At least the ones who know they are selfish struggle with the harm they’re going to do. I don’t see that happen too often with self-righteous, goody little snowflakes. (ah, the nice scent of bitterness)

…Plus there’s the fact that morally neutral characters are so much fun.


No more of the “Ex-Girlfriend Shows Up, Current Girlfriend Is Immediately Suspicious” plot lines


How about the ex-girlfriend not showing up because she’s moved on ?

And, oh, wait a minute here. When I think about it I don’t have a problem with the current-girlfriend character being suspicious. Why ? Because the writer tends to give her a good reason for it later on.

The part I’ve got a problem with is the writer giving her a good reason to be suspicious of other characters’ morals. And especially the part where it happens so often the ex-girlfriend nastiness became the huge cliche it is.

Can we have well-meaning second characters who are not trying to stab people in the back, please ?

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You know what actually helps me write when my story is going somewhere dodgy with the plot ?

Knowing I can change any part of the plot any time I feel like it, if the new version fits better.

Freedom is so nice.


I see a lot of posts on here (and pretty much anywhere else writer’s gather) about hating your own work. Some posts even romanticize it, like it’s cool and edgy to be so self-loathing.

It’s not. And it’s hurtful. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with loving your…

Do you ever open a book and feel love (not squee love -well, not just that one- but the deep satisfied warmth settled in the pit of your tummy, it tells you ‘oh, this is going to be good’) for it from the very first pages ? I received Diana Wynne Jones Reflections on the magic of writing and this one is going to be a small gem, I can tell.

In other news, of course temptation was going to be you, eh, Oscar Wilde ? The Barnes and Noble deluxe edition of The picture of Dorian Gray and other works was just too pretty. I can see my reflection on the golden pages of the closed book, how ridiculous is that ?

(I am so going back to the bookstore for the Alice in Wonderland one)